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Pollution Control / Sample Preparation : mercurio CV

A fast and reliable analysis by cold vapour technology

Therefore with the mercurio CV system, the entire Hg analysis of a sample with reaction and measurement time is achieved in only 2-3 minutes. For even a lower detection and trouble-free analysis, the extremely sensitive enrichment process can be converted within a few seconds. Interference by unspecific absorptions are thus eliminated. The new cuvette design allows different sample volumes of high Hg concentrations as well as extremely low contents to <0.0005 µg/L to be determined. Advantageous is the low susceptibility to contamination of the system by a parallel flushing. This prevents a cleaning and rinsing after high Hg values. Furthermore the special features of the system requires a small space with a built –in PC terminal, giving one an optimal price / performance ratio. The mercury analysis system with integrated AA Spectrometer, automatic 6-channel pump, gas / liquid separation unit and the special low-pressure plasma Hg lamp ensure excellent sensitivity. The efficient evaporation and enrichment offers an application range of 0 to 1500 ng Hg. The mercurio CV can also check and calibrate the delivery channels of the pump before each use. The system provides the highest analytical precision and with the support of a computer terminal a simple and clear handling by process symbols. The mercurio CV is designed for mercury analyses in liquids and for digestion such as : drinking water, groundwater, seawater, surface water, rainwater, solvents, but also for all types of digestions: soils, blood, urine, serum, saliva, fish, drinks, grain, rock, ash, minerals, paper, plastics, etc.


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