Quantum Equipment

Pollution Control / Sample Preparation : autoCOLLECT

Selective collecting of substances from gases

The low weight of the autoCOLLECT systems is optimum for the mobile usage as a sample collector. The retention of samples from gases is ensured by high-active pyrographite-balls with a surface volume of 1200 m2/g. The adsorptive binding at the surface of the species can be broken by thermal desoption in different detection systems like AAS, ICP or in case of organic molecules in chromatographic devices (GCMS, HPLC, etc.). To the best advantage is the usage in high-perfomance direct mercury analyzers. Due to easy exchangable volume measuring-bags different gas volumes are precisely measured and automatically converted to normal temperature- and pressure conditions. The integrated lead-battery allows a sample collecting up to 8 hours in the field. As an extreme application example could be named the sample colltecing in an exhaust gas stack. The autoCOLLECT-G is suitable for gas samples like: outdoor air, room air, landfill gases, exhaust gases, fumes and all other kinds of gases.


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