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Pollution Control / Sample Preparation : innoTHERM

Universal high temperature furnace for daily laboratory applications

The high-temperature laboratory furnaces of swiss innotech stand for, highest quality and user-friendly application. They are required for different processes in research, development and industry and are particularly suitable for chemical analyzes, material investigations and ashing processes. The innoTHERM 1220 is characterized by excellent temperature homogeneity and stability. The maximum temperature of 1200 C is also the continuous working temperature, since the muffle furnace can hold it over the whole process. The heart of the innoTHERM is the annealing chamber with an insulating material made of insulation brick. This is made of a durable ceramic material with a high content of alumina, which is particularly suitable for high temperatures. The double-walled housing with multi-layer insulation ensures that the temperature on the outer case of furnace is kept low. Like the insulation, the heating resistances with its iron-chromium-aluminum alloy is also made of the highest quality materials. The compact design and low weight enable practical use on any work table. The simple lift-up door opening system as well as the stainless steel cover on the chamber and door enable the staff to work safely. Another feature is the innovative regulate, automation and control technology, which includes complete control, monitoring and documentation of the processes. With low energy consumption, attractive purchase costs, reliable trouble-free operation, and low operating costs, is the innoTHERM 1220 a top-of-the-range, universal, high-temperature laboratory furnace with a huge utility in many types of applications.


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