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Food & Pharmaceutical : Finder SD Rotator

The Finder SD analyses heterogeneous samples, like meat, grain or milk products with minimal sample preparation efforts.

The Finder SD Rotator combines the advantages of the Finder SD with an attachment for rotating sample dishes. This makes it possible to achieve representative and reproducible analysis results for inconsistent samples.

In addition to usage in laboratories, the IP65 certified housing enables usage directly in incoming goods or in production. Analysis times can thereby be reduced to a minimum. Thermal stabilisation of the visual, a stabilised light source and reference standards in the device guarantee reliable functionality at all times.

The usage of the patented Fraunhofer MEMS scanning grating technology enables easy transfer of available calibrations between multiple instruments.

The Finder SD can be used for heterogeneous samples, like grains, baked goods or meat. The focuses of NIRS hereby are organic materials. The most common area of application is the quantification of ingredients, e.g. ingredients that determine product value, like fat and protein in food or feed production. In addition, the main application is qualifying or identifying raw materials in incoming goods inspections. The Finder SD can also perform corresponding analyses for intermediate products and semi-finished products.


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